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The Thrid Award
14 Januari 2012 | 2 Comments

Aww,  Give Thank's to Nisa. Thank's for this award.

And well, there are the rules too, here they are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.  
3.Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.


Fact aboout me xD
1. Get bored Easily.
2. Lazy Person.
3. I've this blog since 1 years ago.
4. Very very hate "copycat" or "plagiat"
5. The first drama korea I watched are BFF
6. I'm famale *wakakaka
7. Moslem *nothing idea

and the award, for anyone want it ;)

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